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Method 1 - Take the model

  1. Take the TopbarPlus model by Nanoblox.
  2. Open the toolbox and navigate to Inventory -> My Models.
  3. Click TopbarPlus to insert into your game and place anywhere within ReplicatedStorage.

Method 2 - Download from Releases

  1. Visit the latest release.
  2. Under Assets, download TopbarPlus.rbxm.
  3. Within studio, navigate to MODEL -> Model and insert the file anywhere within ReplicatedStorage.

Method 3 - With Rojo

  1. Setup with Rojo.
  2. Visit the TopbarPlus repository.
  3. Click Fork in the top right corner.
  4. Clone this fork into your local repository.
  5. Modify the default.project.json file to your desired location (by default TopbarPlus is built directly into ReplicatedStorage).
  6. Call rojo serve (terminal or VSC plugin) and connect to the rojo studio plugin.